Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I just discovered Tomoson the other day.  It seems to be a fantastic idea for both companies and consumers.  It is NOT a scam.  On this site, entrepreneurs offer to give consumers ("influencers") products for them to review via social media.   This includes posting product reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, a blog, and Amazon.  Some items only require a review posted on Amazon, while other companies may request a more detailed review.  The great thing is that the products are usually FREE!

The only downside is that they require that members of Tomoson be bloggers and it may take a while before you actually get approved to review a product.  This is largely what inspired me to begin my blog.  I can't wait to review a product and hopefully I won't have to wait too long!

Update 10/12/2015:
Since this was posted on 9/15, I have reviewed a number of items.  All together, the value of these products is roughly around $150.  That's basically $150 that I've gotten shipped to me for free.  All I've had to do is spend a little bit of time creating reviews.

There are many people on the web who have negative things to say about Tomoson.  They say things like "It's been forever and I've not had one product mailed to me yet".  The trick is that you have to apply to items that are more current or recent.  Tomoson uploads new products every weekday on the main page.  These are the ones that people will have the most luck in receiving.

The other trick is that you have to apply to MANY products.  I applied to well over 100 before I got a response.

Finally, don't start off applying for big things like electronics.  Start off small.  The smaller items are the ones that you'll have the best chance of being approved for.  Then, once you have a few of those under your belt, you can start applying for bigger items now that your profile has a good history of reviews.

All in all, I'm really enjoying this site.  You may not see high dollar items like televisions and laptops on here, but I've been getting a steady stream of products that are fun and interesting.

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